Courageous acts of self love ripple through time and space. Voices echo through old cell doors. An experiment with animation and projection mapping is cast on the wall. 


We've interviewed individuals to explore their relationship with gender, and how iconic figures can affect that relationship. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. There's no denying it's brave. We've made a video that we think reflects what they're trying to say. We interacted with the video to give it a human touch.


It’s a celebration of how far we’ve come, and a battle cry to keep going further.

So every human being can live without fear whilst being exactly who they want to be.


Performed at the Old Crown Courts. Commissioned by the Creative Youth Network.

Creative Team:

MAKERS: Eleanor Hope-Jones and Rachel Eames

PRODUCER: Rose Braisher

With thanks to everyone who gave their voice




Company number: (+44) 7432467166


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