Due to unforeseen circumstances, CLASSY is on indefinate hiatus. 


Dora works in an office.

She spends most of her time attempting to maintain a capable, dignified persona - in other words, she must be deemed ‘professional’ at all times. Yet she lives in constant fear of being branded otherwise: unprofessional, oversensitive, and not very classy. As she imagines what life could be like without this shadow of dread, the women around her come to life to share their stories, fears and feelings of shame which have been boxed in for centuries. Their deepest secrets soon become revelations, and anger gives way to joy in a contemporary retelling of the myth of Pandora’s Box.

Palomar Theatre presents CLASSY – a devised exploration of the position of women within the arts industry. The Room Above will be transformed into Pandora’s very own box, and CLASSY will unleash the chaos within. Blending the honest, comic and heartfelt experiences of over twenty young female creatives, CLASSY explores hard truths through whimsical scenes to investigate the knots that women are tied in.

We invite you to unravel them with us…



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