T h e   T e a m

Eleanor Hope-Jones, Founder & Artistic Director

Katie Anderson, Production Assistant

Annie Philbin, Social Media & Marketing Manager


A s s o c i a t e   A r t i s t s

Rachel Eames, Poppy Horwood, Jordan Linton, Anna Mccomish, Adèle Le Gallez, Eddie Cunningham, Nathan Richards, A Magnolia, INKBLOC Collective, Toby Robertshaw, Casey Lloyd, Gabi Spiro. 

About Us

Palomar Theatre was founded in the summer of 2017 by graduates of the University of the West of England (UWE) as a means of staging the subconscious and exploring vulnerability and shame. Our first production, Darlings, was performed publicly as a scratch performance at UWE Bower Ashton Campus Theatre in December 2017, to a critical audience of lecturers and UWE students, and an invited audience of young and seasoned industry professionals. With the feedback collected from this event, we re-developed the show, and performed Darlings again at the Bath Fringe in June and in two previews in Bristol. We are taking Darlings to the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Alongside Darlings, Palomar Theatre was delighted to work with Creative Youth Network, a Bristol based youth charity, on their winter production The End of the World (Cabaret).

Our Mission

  1.  To bring subconscious motivations behind behaviour to the forefront of the stage.
  2.  To explore human behaviour as a spectrum rather than through a binary understanding of good/bad, normal/ abnormal.
  3.  To harness empathy as a tool to heal.